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Indulge in tranquility, pamper your body, and invigorate your spirit with the exceptional offerings of Urban Monk Therapy. Within my therapeutic repertoire lies the potent ability to alleviate stress, release tension, fortify the immune system, and reduce blood pressure. Envelop yourself in opulence as I bring this rejuvenating experience to the familiar confines of your home or hotel.

Experience the exclusivity of personalized, one-on-one mobile therapy sessions. Operating with certification and an affirming stance towards the LGBTQ+ community, my establishment stands as a beacon of support. I amplify well-being and relaxation, catering to the contemporary male's needs. With two decades of honed expertise, I've cultivated my artistry to an exquisite standard.

Whatever impetus drives your quest for relaxation, muscular revitalization, or a simple recharge – I assure you that the massage you receive from me will transcend your expectations, ranking among the finest you've ever encountered.


June 1999

Advanced Therapeutic Massage

The Praxis Institute, Miami, FL

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